Monday, October 17, 2011


 I went to California for week and did some good riding around Lake Tahoe and Sacramento area. We left Friday afternoon about  4pm for a 13hrs drive to  Tahoe. We drove through the night and arrived to the condo about 4am. Slept in the car for 2hrs upon arrival then was let in to the condo to sleep for a hour or so only to get up and go for a 5hr ride around the lake. The lack of sleep was not fun but the ride around the lake was great, some awesome views and nice riding.
Lake Tahoe with Kevin, Jeff & Marty 
During the week in Cali we meet up with Josh from Williams wheels and Rob who helped us out a lot and let us stay at this place in Tahoe. Also got to ride with our coaches long time friend Marty which was great to have a local  show us some sweet rides out there and who is a strong rider.

Heading up to go climb Donner Pass
Come Monday morning we were looking to go on a BIG ride in Tahoe but the weather had other plans. The temperature dropped and the skies opened up so we decided to head down to lower elevation around Sacramento to do some mountain biking. Though it was still pouring here, we decided to ride because it was still kind of warm. Marty and I went for a sweet MTB ride while Jeff and Kevin went to the coffee shop to warm up after a little bit. The ride was awesome, not use to riding in the rain, being warm and having fun. Thanks Marty for a great ride, really had fun probably the most fun I have had on a MTB in a long time.

Top of Donner Pass

Bike Path
The rest of the week we were down in Sacramento meeting up with Jeff's family and friends. Rob also set us up with a Vo2 and Lactate test with Bruce at AthletiCamp. This was a great experience to do because I have done many Vo2 but never a Lactate test. Both test went pretty good for it only being October and the off season.
Lactate Test

Vo2 Test
Next up was Salt Lake to meet up with STU to hang out and do some more mountain biking. The riding here was also a lot of fun. I'm not use to being able to ride my MTB and not having to get off every 10ft like I do in Junction. It was a great change and almost makes me want to do some more mountain biking.

Now I am in Denver for a couple days visiting family and friends and then its back to Junction to continue training to get ready for the 2012 season.

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