Monday, October 3, 2011


The 2012 season is still a ways away but the training and planning have already started. The big thing for next year is that I will be riding for Team Exergy again in 2012 and already can't wait. This will be my first full season focusing on racing and not going to school. Graduating from school has been really nice and relaxing. I have been able to ride whenever I please and not have to worry about coming back from a ride and cramming for a big test the next day.
Training is back in full swing and I currently just started week 3 of a 4 week base. I have been putting in the hours on the bike the last two weeks and just recently finished up a 30hr week. The best part is that I am loving riding these hours now and feel great on the bike which is always a plus.I even went mountain biking yesterday which was the first time in about a year and had a blast. The trees were changing which made for some awesome views and fun time. I will be riding one more week here in Grand Junction before heading to California on Friday to finish up the last week of this base block. I am definitely looking forward to riding some new roads in California just hope that the weather holds up because will be in the Tahoe and Sacramento area.
Also Ill be living in Grand Junction until January when my rent is up and am thinking of moving back to the front range around the Boulder area. Still not positive on where will be moving but I know will be out of Junction.

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