Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cyclocross Nationals

Well when we arrived in Kansas City, Missouri last Thursday it sounded like it was gonna be another mud fest. We were able to ride the course Friday afternoon and it was a mud bath, the mud just accumulating on the bikes and clogging everything up. The course was a slip and slide with no traction anywhere. And most of the course was a climb to the top, so your rear wheel would just be spinningn the whole time looking for some dry spots. Then the sun came up and the winds picked up. With 40mph plus winds the course dried up quickly.

The U23 race was Saturday morning at 10a.m. I had a descent start siting in the mid 20's or so. I felt really good during the first half of the race and then went down hill from there. I blew up and was just creeping the rest of the time. I ended up 21st which was not too bad but I was hoping for better. Kevin ended up 12th.

Then the Collegiate race was Sunday morning at 9a.m. Though we still had the winds it was about 50 out. I was in the lead group for a while and then shorty fell back from there. I ended up 7th not too bad, Kevin got 2nd right behind Collin Cares from Colorado College. Brent got 15th and Adam 34th, so Mesa had a good showing, just which we had some girls out there. The top Five were on the podium and 4 of them are all on the CLIF BAR team, not too shabby.
And now its the off season for the next 2-3weeks which I am really looking forward to!!!1

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