Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Collegiate Nationals

Well it was a good time. We stayed at the Host hotel which was the Hilton. Though the best part about it was that we got hooked up with the V.I.P room key. It was on the 9th floor with free drinks, food, internet, coffee and a lot more. But for the racing side of things it was good. Saturday was the Road Race with some good decisive climbs in them. Also had some 30mph winds. The first climb more than 40people fell off the back, not me which i was surprised as hell. Though i stayed with the lead group all the way to the finish, even throwing some attacks in there on the last climbs. I ended up 7th which was awesome and Kevin got 10th, both in the top 10 SICK.
The crit. was a different story. I was in a 4man break right off the bat, which one on the guys were Zach from Mines so i thought it was gonna stick. Nope they had him on a short leash all weekend. Than from there it went all down hill. I didnt race smart at all, tried to pull back the 6man break because i thought Zach was in it. I was wrong,i found this out when i was on the front going all out and he came sprinting by me. When i saw this i new it was all over for me. so i just sat in kind of and just waited to finish in the pack. I was spent and could not do anything which SUCKED. o well it was a good time.

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