Monday, April 14, 2008


well this past weekend was the Utah race. wasn't expecting to many schools to show since it was a long drive for the front range. Friday night we show up to our host housing house and i already can tell its gonna be a weird weekend. this guys was strange and his wife even more(not sure if it was his wife)she didn't even know where he moved from, since he just moved to salt lake like 5 weeks ago. and than for the sleeping arrangements, 3 guys slept in the main room, 3 in a bedroom, and anne in her own big room. and for the guys out in the main room got no sleep. this lady stayed up to 2:30 in the morning watching a movie full blast and with every single light on and talking to her dog along with all five30gallon fish tanks on with the waterfalls flowing. i think she must of had a little 2much of her wine. and we had to get up at 5:30 in the morning to get to the race. lets just say the host housing was quit interesting to say the least.
but for the races. we had a 60 mile road race which they said was flat. but it had a lot of gradual climbs that hurt. about 5 miles in Zach from mines attacked and i new he was the strongest there. so i jumped on his wheel and we began to gap the field. or at least he did because when i went to the front i felt like we weren't moving. this guy is a powerhouse to say the least. but at the turn around we only had 40sec. on the field. but on the way back we hit it even harder which i didn't think was possible. but with kevin and nate doing there job, blocking the field we ended up having around a 5min gap on the field at the end. Zach took off with 1km to go and made me feel like i wasn't moving. he won i took 2nd kevin 3rd wining the pack sprint and nate 4th. than we had a flat tt(thats what the flyer said) but it was hilly. i came in 5th 16sec. off Zach, kevin 9th and nate 10th. than we had a crit at a DMV track which had a steep short climb at the end of each lap. in the end zach was off the front by himself lapping the main field. nate in a break of 2 and than i was in a break of 2 . i ended up 4th nate 2nd and kevin 6th. so it was a good weekend for points.

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