Sunday, March 30, 2008

What National Champion?

Well i think these pictures explain it all (courtesy of Mat Peters) it was AWESOME!!i won. it was our home race this weekend which was even better to win at home. also my parents and sister came down from Denver to watch which was great.
well the race went down like this:
it was windy from the start. though i was sitting about 5th wheel or so the whole race so i didn't have to deal with it that much. than Kevin threw in a tone of attacks to get things started. though no one could stay with him, but he couldn't do it by himself because it was really windy out there. and than FLC and CSU picked up there game. though i was being extremely patient this time and making the bigger teams pull back the gaps. because there would be a FLC and some others guys that would attack without CSU up there. so i just pulled back and made CSU close it down, since they needed to set up Phil(the national champion) and needed to close that. than 5 laps to go CSU brought out the train of about 8guys. so i decided to sit behind Phil since they were TRYING to set him up. and while the train was in full flight they blew up the whole field. so on the last lap it was just CSU and me. than it came down to the sprint. and Phil had it,well at least he thought after he looked over his left shoulder and raised his hands in victory. but he forgot to look over his right where i was sitting. than i came by and took the win.

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