Saturday, February 2, 2008

winter training

wow. snowy rides are cold. well today mo drove down and kevin, mat, mo and i went out for a ride. though when we left it was snowing pretty heavily. and before we even hit the road mo went down. though he got off it in time some how. so we heading towards fruita and before we even got there every thing had a layer of ice on it.
finally about an hour later we made it to fruita. though we were so cold and wet we found the closest laundry mat. we went in and took off all of our wet gear and threw it all in a dryer. after every thing was dry we headed back home. on the way back the snow started to lighten up which was good though it was still freezing. but i was happy in the end because we got 2:44 hours on the bike, which i though we wouldn't make it a half hour out there when we left

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