Thursday, January 31, 2008


well there has been a lot going on lately. first off i was nominated (pointed too) to become the president of the mesa state cycling team. i know its gonna be a lot of work since were not the most organized/supported club out there. along with that kevin in the vice president.
now i have dress like this every day, being the president and all
though the riding out here has been very limited lately. we have been getting crappier and crappier weather each day. its been snowing here like crazy.(for grand junction) so that means i had to whip off the layer of dust on my trainer and bring it out. i HATE the trainer. its so boring and hot. i can only be on there for about an hour and a half MAX. though yesterday i did some 3x5 on them. almost puking but it was good to go hard. though thats not gonna cut it since Valley of the sun stage race in arizona is coming up on the 15-17. i want the warm weather to come sooner than later.

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