Monday, February 18, 2008

Valley of the Sun stage race

well this past weekend was the valley of the sun stage race down in Arizona. it was a great time, and also got to ride in some nice weather which has not happen in a long time. On Friday was the 20k tt. it was only about 50 degrees out and it started raining when i hit the 1k to go. Though there was not much wind which was real nice. While warming up my legs felt like crap. though when i started they felt great. i felt the best i have ever felt on my tt bike and got a time of 32:40 which put me in 11th place out of 105 riders. so i was real happy with this result.
The next day we had a 73mile road race. i was not really looking forward to this since i had not ridden that far a lot this winter. and also last year i dropped off on the second lap. I also was worried about the climb since i had not done much climbing this winter. though i felt great once again. than it came down to a big field sprint for the finish. there was a break of about 6guys that i started to close with about 1mile left. i caught them some how and started for the sprint. though i was going for the pass on the left when a rider counter attacked on my left, so this caused the 6guys i just caught to shift to the left. the back guy crossed my front wheel real hard. this caused me to pop out of my petal, him hitting the ground real hard and than the domino affect happen with the pack behind. some how i stayed up, don't ask me how. so i clipped back in and continued sprinting so i wouldn't loose much time. than i noticed that a front spoke on my carbon broke a long with a bunch of other guys wheels. though i didn't loose any time on the pack and ended up 21st. So now i was sitting in 10th in the GC.than Sunday was the crit. i just decided to sit in the middle for most of it. than with 5laps to go i moved towards the front knowing that it would get real hectic. than it came down to the sprint to the finish. i was feeling real good moving up on the left hand side seeing the finish right ahead. and than just like that it disappeared, the barriers narrowed and the pack moved over. so i had to stop and just coast in. i still got 15th which was good and i still finished the stage race in 10th place. getting $50 which is nice so now i have enough money to fix my wheels. good improvement from last year where i got 70th over all. so it was a real good way to start off the season.

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