Tuesday, February 26, 2008


well today was the first nice day here in grand junction. i think it was 48degrees here. it was awesome, i road in a long sleeve jersey and some shorts and that was it. it felt so weird wearing that little after a COLD winter. also this weekend is the first collegiate race down in new mexico. im looking forward to it though i am only doing the tt, and crit. this is because we don't have enough people going for the ttt(wow way 2 start off the new season prooa, real team player)any way its suppose to be in the 60's or so but i have to do a 7hr drive to get that.
today was tom's 20th birthday. so a few of us went to famous daves for dinner and it was real good. and than after we went to Michales to get some fun toys for only $1 each it was awesome. we got some balloon animal making material, plato, the sponge growing pill things, the thins that grow 6times the normal size in the water, models, air plains and a lot lot more.

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