Tuesday, January 1, 2008

I told you so!!!

the water froze
well today was my first day back on the bike, if you wanna call it that. the high today was suppost to be 29 degrees, and we had a ride starting at 9:30 in denver for a century. so kevin and i had to leave our house at 8:00 to make it there. we desided to ride our cross bikes with all the ice still on the roads. so an hour went by the amount of time it should of taken for us to get there. but no we were just a couple miles into our ride before we had to turn back. it was so cold with the tempeture at -1 with the windshield. it sucked. we were frozen. my parents told us we were crazy and we should not go. well they were right. i just really wanted to ride/. though i am never riding again if its this cold. i will take the trainer over that. and every one we were suppost to meet turned back as well. lets just say it was not fun. though at least its suppost to be in the 50's at the end of this week. thats kevin trying to warm up

I still foroze with all those layers on!!

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Justin Rose said...

frozen water is so cool! here's the rule: if it's 30 or above, you can go outside. otherwise, show the trainer some lovin.