Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving Week

Well the adventure started on Wednesday morning when we left Grand Junction heading to Denver. The weather sucked in the high country. The roads were bad people were idiots and we were rolling in the mini van. It took us about 5hr to get home but we made it. It was great being home and eating lots of pumpkin pie. Went on a nice freezing ride on Thursday I think it was about 25 out. And than it was off to racing.

Saturdays race went ok, I took 8th and Kevin 9th(he should of sprinted) it was muddy and real bumpy. I took a good spill on the slick muddy hill side and dropped back a little. And after a couple laps the steep s-turn climb started to real hurt. But it was fun. So towards the end I caught Kevin and we were on the finishing stretch. He was just gliding in so I “sprinted” by him I guess

Sunday was good. Got a call up to the front line and had an awesome start. Got that foot in the clip in a heart beat. I was off the front like that. My two team mates Robin and Andrew followed. So we had a 3 man break with Kevin behind that slowing down the guy he was with. Andrew had a mechanical and had to drop back and that’s when Kevin started to bridge up. It was really was a fun course. I had a great time. We ended up sweeping the podium with Robin 1st me 2nd and Kevin 3rd. Not bad at all.

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Stu Cycling said...

how the weekend go for you guys