Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Off to a better start

well the week is starting of good. I haven't had much homework to do yet which is always good just to relax. And i just got my Spanish test back which i finally got an A on compared to my others which i normally receive an F on, so that is always good . Though i have to head off to my 5hr science class here soon which i am not looking froward to at all. But today after class is going to be pretty relaxed. I have no homework due, i have the day off the bike to just sit around. Though i do need to go and get my phone fixed which has been broken since Saturday for some reason, so that may take a while. But the week and weekend ahead is bringing some hard training block to get ready for Nationals in a month. Also, Corey, Jeremy(the Mexican) and Bryce are heading over here for the weekend to hang out and ride so i am really looking forward to that. Maybe we can play some good old line rider like the good old days. Sick

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