Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Switching things up

    The weather here is now just started to get crummy and I find myself taking twice as long to get ready for a ride with all the layers I need to apply to stay warm. This time of the year I never look forward to and already can't wait for the warm weather. Though this year because I have an actual off season I will be heading down to Tucson, AZ from December 1-20 to do some training in some nice warm weather. Then back to Denver for Christmas and hopefully get back to AZ before our first team get together in Boise at the end of January.

    Now with more time to focus on the 2012 season I have changed up/started some new routines in my training. First off I have started to do some Yoga three times a week which is a pretty fun, relaxing and good strength builder. I have always been told to try and do Yoga but I never really had time to do this before.  So far its been pretty good, there have been a couple times where I find myself with my legs burning because of the positions you need to hold, so must be good.

    I also have been doing some weight training after Yoga class and have been slowly building up. In years past I have done some lifting but would always start up with heavy weight thinking that I am inadvisable and end up hurting myself or seeing no results. This time around I have been a lot more consistent and been doing a lot lower weight but higher reps which has helped out a lot.

    The next big change in my training has been my diet. This is the first time that I have actually been watching what I am eating and not just eating what I please. I always thought I could just eat whatever I wanted because I would just burn it off training. Though I have already noticed a difference in my performance and my overall health. The hardest part  so far is staying away from the desserts and soda. The desserts have been hard especially because Halloween was just a couple of days ago and I now have a full bag of candy because there were no trick-or-treaters that came by. Also, the soda has been hard to stay away from because I LOVE Mt. Dew and would find myself drinking one or two a day. Though don't get me wrong I still do have some desserts but not as often and a healthier version while I have a soda every once in a while but have cut back dramatically.

Allen Lims new cookbook,pretty cool
    Also I just shaved the other day to get ready for no-shave-novomber. So will see if I can grow a beard in a month and if it will give me any extra strength on the bike.....
My future!!

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