Saturday, September 17, 2011

Off Season

Hopefully I didn’t worry the two readers of this blog but I’m still alive, it’s been a while since I updated this thing. Not much is new, just been riding and going back and forth from Junction and Denver to visit. Not going to school has been a little weird but can’t say I miss it. It’s really relaxing not having to worry about homework, test or papers at the end of the day. Just having to focus on riding and recovering is really nice. After the race season was over we took two weeks of the bike completely which was really nice and needed Though since we’re on our off season we haven’t had any structured riding yet just having fun for now. One week when we were not riding we followed the USA Pro Cycling Challenge and went to three stages. We started it off with the Prolouge in the Springs then went up to Vail for the TT and ended it with the last stage in Denver. This race was insane; the amount of people that were out watching this race was really cool to see. Team Exergy also raced in this race which was a really big deal. Being able to race against the world’s best was truly something special. They also held their own by getting a lot of TV time by controlling the front and ending it off with Freddie getting third on the last stage in Denver./
This past week I was in Vegas for a week for my roommate Kenny Withrow where he participated in the Ironman World Championships 70.3 as well as attended Interbike and Cross Vegas. The Ironman was pretty cool to watch just to see how fast these guys actually are. Kenny also killed it by placing 24th in his age group. He actually beat his result from last year by over 50 positions which was a huge improvement and accomplishment. Nice work Kenny.
Then it was off the Interbike. Went to the show for two days and did lots of walking. It was pretty cool to check out all the new equipment coming out next year. Can’t wait to start using some of it. Also went to Cross Vegas which is always fun. Though last year I raced and this year I was on the sideline watching. This is because I decided to not race cyclocross this year and just focus on the road. The last night in Vegas was a private party for all Team Exergy members, sponsors, family and friends. Exergy had a big announcement that would lead the team into 2012 and beyond. We had the party at the Marquee night club which is one of the hottest clubs in the world. Upon arrival you came off the elevator to waitresses holding all different kinds of beers and mixed drink to choose from. Then you had to pose for a picture as if you were at the Oscars. Once in the club there were waters walking around offering, Kobe beef sliders, chicken, lobster and FILET MIGNON (the best steak you can buy) You were treated like royalty. They also had open bars where you could get all different kinds of top shelf drink. This party was awesome. The big announcement was the new addition to Team Exergy which is the new women’s team Exergy Tewnty12, pretty cool and great for women’s cycling.
Now it’s back to Junction and riding training again.

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