Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New Jersey

Well this past weekend was my first USGP in New Jersey. We got into Newark airport in New Jersey 2hours late with all the delays. So we didn't get into our hotel until 4:00am on Friday. Got to sleep in and then got to pre-ride the course. It was a sweet course nice and fast and fun. Then it all turned from there. The sky's opened up and down poured. The course was a wreck. The mud was insaine. It was more of a running race then it was a bike race. In the end I got my butt kicked. Though it was an awesome time and a great experience.
Getting the pay check

We were suppost to go to the next USGP in Portland but thats not gonna happen. Our team budget is low and its the week before Nationals and the weekend before finals. So i guess our next big race is gonna be Nationals in Kansas on Dec. 11 or so I think.

Now im taking a couple days off for a little break. Then its back to some harder training to get a good result at Nationals.

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