Monday, November 3, 2008

First UCI races!!!

WOW those guys are fast. This past weekend was the UCI Boulder Cup a C2 and C1 race. It was crazy. On Saturday seemed like 80% of the race was sand that I could not ride threw but the big boys like Wicks, Trebon, Wells, Powers all those guys made it look like a road section. Though I got pulled with about 5laps to go on Saturday. I think every bump I hit my rib was not happy. So that would of been the whole time. It hurt so bad epecially after the races.
On Sunday I did a little bit better finishing around 47th but still suckey and still got lapped with 3laps to go. Though on the results they gave me a DNS which is a bunch of bull. And both day I got screwed and started in the back row, so I really had no chance from the begining. Though the crowds were awesome, it was crazy how many people where at the races both days.

Though were taking this weekend off to see if my rib can heal, though the doctor says its gonna take 6 weeks. And then the weekend after that were heading to New Jersey for out first Grand Prix of cyclocross, looking foward to it.

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