Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Breaking MTB's

Well this past weekend was our home collegiate MTB race. The short track was on Saturday which I did fairly good in, the legs felt great and got into an awesome rhythm. I love when that happens. Than after that was the Super-D. So I decided I was gonna race it since I was riding that really nice carbon s-works. We got to do a practice run first down the 6-mile course. And about half way down a rock popped up and hit the rear wheel real hard, so it flatted real quick. Then when fixing the flat I noticed it had dented the rim real bad. Just my luck a $7,000 bike and I break the wheel and its not even mine. So after that I decided not to race it.

Then Sunday was the XC and I was able to barrow a rear wheel for the race. Though I got there early to set up the course. I went to the furthest point on the course to set up the tape and cones on the turns. Right then my bike started to ghost shift and then chain popped out and bent the hanger throwing the derailleur into the wheel stopping it right away. Wow what luck, and let me remind you this is not my bike. So now I have broken it twice. So I had the throw the bike on my back and hike 2-3miles down to the trail head where the start of the race was. We could not fix it in time so I had to ride Mo's bike which is an XS frame so way to small. Though I finished the race on it.

I told the guy of the bike I was borrowing that I was willing to pay for every thing. But thank god he owns a bike shop out here and told me not to worry about it.
Yesterday and today we had off from school so we did some MTB out at 18 road in Fruita which was awesome and today out in Loma. And guess what, I snapped Mo's chain on his MTB so I got to do some more hiking back to the car. So the conclusion I came to is that MTB's hate me and I hate them.

Though we got some CX this weekend down in Fort Collins then its off to MTB nationals after that.
Total broken MTB parts=5
I wonder how many more MTB's im gonna break between then and there.

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