Thursday, November 8, 2007


Well here is my first blog,

I got my first big win last Sunday at the Boulder Cup. And Saturday i took 9th with a 100 person field. Though on Saturday i crashed on th first lap breaking my shifter, my thumb (may be a sprain) and put a good size dent in my top tube. How about that for starting off a race weekend. Than Sunday i was not feeling it at all on the line. I felt like CRAP!!! i got a bad start, i could not clip in and than got hit by some idiot. luckily i started on the front line so i only fell back to about 20th. Coming back to the start for the second lap i sprinted up towards the front were Kevin was to try and give him a draft. I sat on the front and just started to make a gap and kept that gap for the whole race eve with 20 mph winds or so with a 25 second lead. Well thats about it.

Go ride


molly m said...

Hey. Congratulations! Great job! WOW! Staying in the front the whole time! Good ride! Oh yeah, who takes your pictures?

Stu Cycling said...